Give your dog a little love tap.

Sometimes our furry friends just need a little love tap to keep them in line. Our easy to use dog training device attaches to any dog collar and is never further away than your phone.

Tap to Call My People!

Each Good Dog Machine is equipped with a mobile phone scannable tag that contains your contact information so that you can be reunited with a lost pup quickly!

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brand story

Peace of mind to take your dog anywhere.

Our dog, Pippa, is the boss. She went to training as a puppy and is usually quite well behaved, but we always had her remote and shock collar, just in case. Pippa loves to bark at the mail delivery man and, well, let's just say dogs with spots are not her friend.

Pip responds well to the collar, but Mom was always losing the remote! By the time Mom found it, Pippa was back to being an angel and the terrified mailman was on to his next delivery.

This inspired us to make a remote that attaches to your phone, because Mom always knows where her phone is. We knew that we also didn't like products that shocked our dog.

When activated, our device beeps and vibrates only - we refer to these as love taps. Love taps help give you confidence that your dog will be back to their well behaved self in the click of a button.

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Love from our customers

Find out why people and their furry friends love Good Dog Machines!

  • Love my purchase

    "We LOVE that our Good Dog Machine does not shock our pup!."

    Anick L.

  • We can eat in peace

    "We just had our first meal with no dogs barking in forever."

    Wendy W.

  • UPS Man Likes Us Now!

    "We're friends with our UPS driver because of Good Dog Machines."

    Jessica R.

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Our Commitment

Each order helps provide service dogs for veterans.

We donate a portion of proceeds from every Good Dog Machine sold to K9s for Warriors, the largest provider of service animals for veterans.

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