FCC Compliance


FCC Supplier Declaration of Conformity

Product: Good Dog Machine


Applicable FCC Regulations: Part 15, Subpart C – Intentional Radiators


To whom it may concern,

We, Analytical Horsepower, LLC, hereby declare that the above-mentioned product is in conformity with the applicable Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations. This Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) is issued in accordance with Section 2.1077 of the FCC rules.

  1. Identification of the Product:

   - Product Name: Good Dog Machine, Magic Remote

   - Model Number: v 1.0

   - FCC ID: N/A

  1. Applicable FCC Regulations:

   - The product complies with the relevant FCC regulations, specifically part 15, subpart C.

  1. Standards and Test Reports:

   - The product has been tested and evaluated against the applicable FCC standards and technical requirements.

   - The testing has been conducted by a recognized testing laboratory or has been performed internally by our company.

   - Test reports and documentation supporting the product's compliance with FCC regulations are maintained and available upon request.

  1. Responsible Party:

   - Analytical Horsepower, LLC

   - Address: 3153 Skyway Circle, Melbourne, FL 32934

   - Contact Information: info@analyticalhorsepower.com

  1. Statement of Conformity:

   - We hereby declare that the above-mentioned product is in compliance with the applicable FCC regulations and that all necessary measures have been taken to ensure conformity with the specified standards.

Please note that this SDoC is provided for informational purposes and does not relieve us from any liability or responsibility for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


James Stern


Analytical Horsepower, LLC