We Build Good Dog Machines.

Thanks for taking time to learn more about Good Dog Machines! Good Dog Machines is a Florida based, family owned, U.S. Manufacturing business. 

Our daughter, Margot, was born into an incredibly generous family and friend group. This meant that when we brought all 7 pounds of her home from the hospital we had an outfit, a pack of diapers, or a stuffed animal showing up on our door step every hour on the hour. Our ferocious, fluffy goldendoodle, Pippa, took it upon herself to notify us each and every time that happened. 

Pippa is a GREAT dog. As a pup, she spent a few weeks at sleep away camp learning the in and outs of obedience. She was trained with an e-collar that had the functions of tone, vibrate, and shock and she responded well to all three. Pippa is now 8 years old and is almost always well behaved. However, like a lot of dogs, she can get a bit unruly at times. For years we kept an e-collar around and we would go through re-training with Pippa as needed. But, we always struggled to keep the thing charged and keep track of the remote.

What mode is it in?

Omg, I accidentally shocked her!

Where is the stinking remote?

I think it's on Dog 2.

Is 11 out of 37 the right amount of vibrate?

Does this button even do anything?

Those things are ridiculous!

We needed a way to make the remote simple, easy to use and most importantly make sure it was always with us. So we did the right thing and attached it to our phones!

We set out to develop an e-collar that worked for good dogs. For dogs that didn't need to be zapped out of their fluff, just gently reminded to STOP BARKING AT THE U.P.S. MAN, HE IS FRIEND! We feel that the tone and vibrate functionality of the Good Dog Machine does just that. The device is not a magic bullet; Pippa isn't perfect. But when we press the button and her collar beeps and vibrates, she pauses long enough for us to get her attention to redirect her. It acts as a tool to stop the bad behavior and allow us to communicate more clearly with our pup. 

It's important to remember that this product is not a punishment for bad behavior, it's a tool for turning Good Dogs into GREAT dogs.

All of our products are proudly designed and assembled in the USA.

We hope you love your Good Dog Machine and we appreciate your business!

-James, Macy, Margot, and Pippa

meet the owners

Macy and James

Macy and James love their Goldendoodle, Pippa! They set out to create a better way to communicate and redirect Pippa that didn't harm her with an electric shock.

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Quality above all else

Made in USA

We do source individual electronic components from overseas but we are actively working to reduce our dependence on foreign suppliers where possible. Our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility is located in Melbourne, FL. We do our best to employ people of diverse backgrounds and those who have served our country in the military. Know that in purchasing a Good Dog Machine, you are helping us invest in our team's hard working American families. 

Both Pippa and I personally oversee the production of Good Dog Machines. Should you ever experience a quality problem with one of our products, please reach out so that we can make it right.

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